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Andrey Gugnin & Oksana Sidyagina

The idea to buy a flat in Zagreb came to me and my girlfriend absolutely spontaneously. We both are from Moscow and live there. In the same time we like Croatia very much and one day we got inflamed to buy our own private place in Zagreb. We have a lot of good friends there so we actually could rely on their opinion and take a risk to choose flat remotely while being in Moscow. We searched for the options over the local websites and Opereta was the choice. We didn’t hesitate for a long time and decided to take that flat.

And this is how we contacted Divna for the first time, a wonderful agent and incredible person. Despite we’ve been in touch just via email and phone at the beginning, she made the whole process of the purchasing to be extremely clear, fast and smooth. She helped to arrange all papers and documents easily and when we finally came to Zagreb we just putted our signatures and have received the papers of the ownership, that’s it! And the most exciting moment for sure was when we took the very first look on our new flat! No doubt we wasn’t disappointed at all! For some people it could appear like a reckless scheme to buy such a serious thing «blindly». But I don’t think that was the matter of luck, we felt like we can fully trust to Opereta and we were absolutely right. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Divna, our friends Andrej and Mario, and to the lovely family of the previous owners!